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For $129, you get 365 days access to all 26 conversations,

PLUS we have added BONUS CONTENT, special offers, and discounts that you only get with the VIP pass.

Can we tell you more about the bonuses?

These are SO exciting, and are just a small selection of what we will be sharing with you!

  • Her-gasmic Abundance Online Class: Gifted by Sheri, this class will help you to learn the skills to expand women’s ar⦿usal and ⦿rgasm. In the words of Sheri: More is better and greed is good!
  • 1 hour vagus nerve reset: Gifted by Susanne, this interactive class will help you to grow your vagal resilience, which, as you will hear during her talk on Day 5, is an important piece for any of us who are working through trauma or abuse.
  • The Secrets of Touch to Become an Unforgettable Lover: Efrat has gifted us an exploration of the 9 things that you need to know so that you can use your touch and presence to become unforgettable! Bring some paper and pen to this one, you’ll want to make notes!
  • Relaxed Love Making: Just the conversation about relaxed love making almost had Naomi losing her mind with desire, so Sarah Rose guiding this practice of exploring relaxed love making in our own bodies might just take us over the edge. Not safe for work, but why would you want to waste it there anyway?!?
  • Deep Body Listening: Alexandra offered this bonus of a deep body listening session, full of sensual awareness and connection. It’s sensual, it’s soft, and you won’t feel the same about your female body ever again.
  • Connect to the Wisdom of Your Body: Jenni guides us into our own body wisdom through a beautiful, soft, breathing and awareness session.
  • Sensual Rope Play: Are you curious about sensual rope play and want to watch our expert Marco show you what is important to know, in real time, using a willing partner? It’s one thing to hear all about how to play, and it’s another to see it done in real time. Inspiring and sexy!
  • Parasympathetic Arousal: Naomi’s conversation with Damien went deeply into the p|easure and connection that is waiting for you in parasympathetic s🫦x, and now Damien has gifted a 50% discount for his online course, if you would like to explore more!
  • Waking Up Your Orgasmic Potential: Mangala, the queen of orgasms, leads us through a touch based practice to wake up our bodies, all of our bodies, because did you know that your WHOLE body is full of orgasmic potential?
  • Human Design in Practice: Curious to know more about how exactly Human Design can help you understand your relationship needs and sexual nature? Analena put Naomi under the microscope and broke it all down for you.
  • What Does Your Partner REALLY Want?: Artemisia leads us through how to find out what your partner really wants even though they don’t know themselves, and how to tell them what YOU really want in ways they can hear, get and act on.

And SO MUCH more!

Still have some questions? We have the answers.

  • What do I get for my money if I upgrade? You get 365 days of access to the 25 conversations in the summit, plus 365 days of access to all of the BONUS CONTENT, plus free trainings, special offers and discount codes from our speakers. And epic epic good s🫦x karma!
  • When is the live summit? 1 – 5 November, 2023.
  • Do I have to attend live? No! All of the conversations are being recorded as we write these words, so you can watch them in your own time. But remember, if you have the free ticket, you only have this weekend to watch each day’s conversations.
  • I’m not a woman but I want to attend. Oh, so you want to learn more about what makes s🫦x epic for women? YOU ARE SO WELCOME TO ATTEND!
  • What do I need to bring to the summit? You only need to bring your beautiful self, your curiosity and open heart, and a willingness to learn and grow into epic s🫦x.
  • Can I bring a friend to the summit? Of course! If they sign up here they will get all of what they need in their inbox as well.
  • You said the price is going to go up? Yes! The $69 ticket is only offered until the summit starts. The moment those first conversations go live, the price goes up to $99, and once the summit is over, up again to $198. So get in now if you love a bargain.

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